Sunday, 24 August 2014

Welcome to my new home......

back in February of 2014
my email was hacked
and as a result
blogger denied me access to my blog
so here I am with a new address
and this new blog address is under construction
i.e bare till I return from vacation to 
give it some attitude...

Hi all
it has been a long time and
so much has happened in our family's life.
I decided to start blogging again when my friend

tagged me in a

I think it came at the perfect time....
I was ready to start blogging again
 but also had to deal with the problem mentioned above
firstly I would like to thank Zeffy I am honoured and so happy that I
am still able to inspire someone!!
especially this fabulous young grandmother
with endless energy and creativity

so on with the blog hop

What am I working on right now?

I am working on a couple of things right now.
I became disinterested with crafting back in October 
due to some family issues which were draining me physically and mentally.
As a result I closed down my challenge blog
and stepped back from personally blogging,
I would walk past my craft room which had become a ghost town and sigh!
The urge was there but mentally I couldnt do it....
The craft room came to life again during the
but only briefly
as our family was dealing with
the imminent loss of our best friend.
When Yorgos passed away
I wanted to document his story....
so I forced my self to go back into the craft room

after that longwinded introduction
I am working on a form of project life
about 5 years ago I started my own form of 
'project life'
inspired by a mini album created by
I would take a photo a day and then journal on the back
attach some embellishments etc.....
well that's what scrapbooking is all about isnt?
 it documenting and journalling about
special moments in our lives
(photos to come at a later date)

other things happening on the desk right now

making a wedding card for a friend......

finishing up a medley of greeting cards in various styles

playing with MOD PODGE moulds and making my own enamel dots hahahaha....

How long does your creative process take?

For quite a few years now I have been on design teams and any layout created 
was exclusively for a DT reveal....
During 2011-2012 I was on 6 design teams at the same time....
As a result I would have to plan my layouts in advance
this helped the creative process as I could think about which photo to use and 
how I would approach the layout.
In the end it would take me an hour or two to complete a layout that hand been on my mind for a couple of days.

for example this layout took me all of 15 minutes as I knew which photo and embellishments  I wanted to use..... 

What are my current favourite things to use when creating?

My spray paint, mists
and gauze
(texture pastes and gesso if I think they are needed)

My Style??

someone else should answer that
I dont like labels anyway
here is an example of what I create when I am inspired

one thing is for sure ink/paint splats are every where

What  Inspires me and how do I remain inspired?

I am always inspired as

I am a visual person and have a keen sense of aesthetics
there are a lot of vulgar ugly things around us on a daily basis
when we live in a crowded dirty city thus I try to hone in on the beauty
that is being drowned
I am inspired by architecture, even an old run down building has endearing qualities
colourful store windows....fabric and even advertisments
on the television!!
On a general scrapbooking level I am inspired by my family as they are the subject of my memory keeping

3 friends that inspire me....

wish I could add every one here 
but as I cant
I introduce you to 

Marie Papdopoulou

this crazy assed seriously funny gin soaked sushi eating friend of mine.......

is an extremely talented card maker
her designs are aesthetically sublime
she uses noble materials which turn her cards into works of art!!!
we became friends when I approached her to join 
the card team on Get Creative
do go and meet her apart from seeing beautiful cards
 you will entertained by her dogs shenanigans!...

Mandy Sea

A Teacup of Scrapisms

 Mandy and I have never physically met as she lives in Tasmania
I 'met'Mandy on line when
she had entered many Get Creative challenges  
won quite a few and was featured many a time
I fell in love with her whimsical approach to scrapbooking and
her wildly creative ideas
I am always inspired by her creations
they make me want to create right there and then!
Mandy also runs a fabulous challenge blog called
Let's Get Shabby
Let's get shabby
Mandy to me is a true scrapbooker 
as there is always journalling on her layouts....
she is an inspiration.....

Yvonne Yam

Do More With Less

what can I say about this gal

she blows my mind!!!
I first noticed Yvonne when she was guest designer on
Julie Tucker Wolek 's challenge blog
These are a few of my fave things
I was just starting my term on the Design team
Yvonnes is very very talented
I adore her colourful canvases
her creative layouts
she also art journals
she is full of energy and just doesnt stop
I cant keep up with her!!
I also admire her love for her niece and nephew
please go and meet Yvonne
and make sure you wear shades her use of colour is intense
I love it!!!!!!

If you have made it this far I thank you .......I will be back in a week

oh and if you are visiting for the first time
you can check out my "old blog¨


  1. Πολύ όμορφη παρουσίαση! Σαν πιο καινουρια στο χόμπυ δεν είχα δει σελίδες σου και ενθουσιάστηκα!! Μπράβο για την όμορφη προσεγμένη δουλειά που κάνεις! :-) καλή αρχή στο Blog! :-)

  2. Welcome back Irinaki!!! We love you so much, you inspire us with your talent and positive thought and I hope you won't stop creating now! Kisses! Καλή δύναμη σε όλα!


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